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Psychic Spring 2016

About Tinker Coalescing | Queer Photography

Tinker Coalescing is a rad trans lady who takes experimental slideshows full of long exposure, light painted snapshots at queer events and parties in Brooklyn + NYC. Her photos may fall into categories of portraiture, art (whatever that means...), performance documentation, photojournalism, and/or of course, event photography, but largely defy genre. Many photos contain a signature style, affectionately dubbed the "snap and twirl" by Brooklyn artist, Tyler Wallach. Tinker does not try to label what she does, but she does a lot of it.

About the Project

Backstory, Purpose, & Goals

Tinker arrived in NYC on October 7th, 2009, trained and ready for the workforce, and was de-educated and re-raised into the beautiful feral hurricane she is today by radical faeries, trans punks, Bushwick drag queens, and a rainbow of other queer artists, activists, and lovers. She is unendingly grateful for the difference they made in her life, and now doing her best to give back to the community.

On October 27th, 2010, she got a camera so she could capture the people she saw around her and loved so dearly, people whose beauties and creativities, each uncompromisingly distinct and original, represented an ethos of queer resistance, defiant, exploratory, subverting gender, heteronormativity, and the rules of fashion. She wanted to glorify these diverse and vibrant communities of queer people. She developed a style of documentation that is a kind of slideshow storytelling, each individual portrait, performance, and group of friends coalescing into a larger portrait of a body of people coming together in celebration in a queer space for a moment in time. Over time the photos grew progressively more filled with light and color until they were  overtaken by a sense of psychedelia and magic worthy of their magical subject matter, produced by a combination of love, witchcraft, chance, and dancing.

This website is being launched on October 27th, 2014, four years after the documentation project that eventually became Tinker Coalescing | Queer Photography began. Tinker worked her first camera to death a month prior, and found herself too broke to afford a new one. She is hoping that this website will become part of a new infrastructure that increases the sustainability of her extended documentation endeavor by bringing in enough money to ensure she can continue to devote the large amount of time and energy involved, perhaps even spend more. So you should spend more. Buy shit. It's, like, a donation to the cause. You're simultaneously supporting an archival document of queer history, the nurturing of beauty and magic in queer community, and the survival of a trans lady artist trying to live the dream of doing what she loves. Seriously, BUY SHIT! Please. It's all going to better equipment so these get even prettier, and maybe sometimes to rent, and tipping my bartenders and qweens <3

More updates to the site coming soon...

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